Music is ageless! 💜

Music has no age limit and everyone is welcome at Lollapalooza Stockholm! When we get back to Gärdet this weekend (July 1-3), the success from 2019 will return to the festival area: Kidzapalooza. An area where the focus is on the kids – a totally unique concept among Swedish festivals.


Kidzapalooza is a family-oriented area within Lollapalooza with lots of activities and entertainment for children of all ages. Different generations can learn more about music and experience the unforgettable festival vibe and live music together – and try tons of different activities. Kidzapalooza also functions as a quiet place, a relaxed zone and a chance to breath for parents and children alike. And everyone is welcome to step out to the big Lollapalooza festival area as well, with over 80 artists performing on 5 stages!

See the full program below!



Below is a selection of different things happening at Kidzapalooza.
A lot of extra fun stuff will happen on top of the below!

Friday July 1st

13:00-13:15, 14:00-14:15 & 15:00-15:15

Dancing with sweet music, juggling and a “yellow companion” by Claire Parsons Co

Vattenmannen och Speed
17:00-17:25 & 18:00-18:25

A show that inspires you to think about the environment – in a playful way, together with soundwaves of jazz, pop and reggae. 

Bland Drakar och Dragqueens
13:30, 14:30, 15:30 & 16:30

Dragqueens read stories to kids. Every story time is a colorful confetti canon with glitter and a transformation that inspires conversations, broadens horizons and invites the listener to be a part of the magical world of the stories being told.



Saturday July 2nd

Sångsommar med Ayla
14:00-14:25 & 17:00-17:30

Sing-along with extra everything. Sing and dance as lovely as you can – or maybe just as loud, big and goofy as you can? 

Tigern & Kobran
16:00-16:25 & 18:00-18:25

Swedish Grammy-nominated success story Tigern & Kobran creates music for the entire family. Incredible live music and impossible to stand still when you hear it!




Poetry, discussions and music – accordion, trombone, strings and “skröfs”.



Sunday, July 3rd

Nalle Clown har fjärilar i magen
14:00-14:25 & 16:00-16:25

A mathematical adventure where Nalle Clown finds five butterflies – and other magical things…

Känslolåtarna med Alva Klum
15:00-15:25 & 17:00-17:25

Great feelings – from the perspective of a child. Wonderfully childish, with smart lyrics and melodies.



Prova-på Capoeira
14:15, 15:00, 16:00, 16:45, 17:45, 18:30

Try Capoeira! Both kids and adults are welcome to try it. Capopasso, Amazon, acrobatics and play time!


-The activities in Kidzapalooza is best suited for children up to approximately 10 years old, but everyone is welcome!
-There is no childcare on site. The accompanying adult is responsible for their child.
-All kids are free to enter the full festival area (with the exception of the Platinum and VIP area), but need to wear protective earmuffs outside of Kidzapalooza.
-Kidzapalooza is open until 20:00 every day.
-All Kidzapalooza guests need a valid festival ticket. We offer special Kids tickets (0-12 years) for 250 SEK. More information about the tickets can be found here: Kids Tickets



-Kidzapalooza has its own restrooms and info center.
-If needed, you can bring a stroller into the Kidzapalooza area as well as the main area.
-The Kids tickets includes one pair of ear protectors.
-Kids ticket holders and their families enter the festival directly into Kidzapalooza, an entrance with shorter lines where our hosts are ready with all the kid-friendly information you need for the perfect festival experience.
-Food from regional and local restaurants including vegan & vegetarian options for purchase