Vintage Culture

Vintage Culture only truly feels alive when he’s speaking to people through his music. “When I am
playing my own tracks and people smile at me, that is life,” says the Brazilian. He is someone constantly
eating away at traditional genre boundaries as he makes music that works both in the club and at home.
Vintage Culture produces soundtracks to people’s lives. Music with emotion, narrative and melodic
hooks as well as infectious grooves. And so far, his life has been a nonstop adventure. What started in
2008 as tinkering in a bedroom in a tiny yet dangerous Brazilian city in the middle of nowhere has now
led him to play to sold-out crowds of 30000 people at his own So Track Boa Festival, touring the United
States, gracing the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, making the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and going multi-
platinum with more than 2 billion global online streams. Vintage Culture will bring the house music he
loves to Lollapalooza Stockholm 2023 and we couldn’t be more excited!