Miriam Bryant

Everyone believes in Miriam Bryant. It’s hard not to. She is unfiltered, flawed, outspoken, undisguised, and blessed with a voice that somehow always manages to find a crack in our defenses. In other words: she is human with no intention to hide it. After a promising career abroad, Bryant turned her attention to the Swedish language with immediate success following. Songs like ‘Tystnar i luren’, ’Ge upp igen’, ‘Du Med Dig’, ‘Blåmärkshårt (Mi Amor)’ and her latest hit ’Lonely In A Crowd’ – a collaboration with Kents Joakim Berg – have all been loved for their urgency and their personal approach. Miriam Bryant has quickly become Sweden’s most beloved artist and we are excited to welcome her to Lollapalooza 2022.