Fatboy Slim

Right here… Right now… Fatboy Slim’s career spans 4 decades but he is best known as one of the worlds
most loved DJ’s. He loves it more now than he did 40 years ago and whilst things have certainly changed
a thousand times or more what drives him and keeps his thirst for it is the power of the collective unity
and community that a shared musical experience can have. When he goes on stage, he is no longer
Norman Cook he is Fatboy Slim with the Hawaiian Shirt and the bare feet where he gives it his all as a
performer and a showman and in his words a professional idiot. Songs like, Right Here, Right Now, The
Rockafella Skank, “Weapon of Choice” and “Praise” are tracks that the whole world knows and can come
together to listen to, dance to, fall in love to and we will witness it all at Lollapalooza Stockholm 2023!